Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Ca faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas posté ici - c'est le jour pour!
Passez tous un chouette Noël :)

It's been a while I haven't posted anything on this blog - it's time I do!
I wish you all a great Christmas! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Splutj Mijn Ket in Antwerpen

Yesterday, PKP, the Psilete, Gerg and I were in Antwerpen for Crisis'09, the great convention organised by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp.
I was running Golgo participation games while Gerg was doing the same for Incursion; PKP and the Psilete kindly took turns to help us doing so.
Hier, PKP, le Psilete, Gerg et moi étions à Anvers pour Crisis'09, la grande convention organisée par les Tin Soldiers of Antwerp. J'organisais les démos Golgo, tandis que Gerg était venu pour présenter Incursion; PKP et le Psilete se sont gentiment relayés pour nous prêter main forte.

The scenario was one inspired by a piece of art Tony Yates sent me the day before.
Le scénario fut inspiré la veille même par une illustration reçue de Tony Yates.

From outer space, the Alpha Zorgl descended in Golgoville, with the firm intention to impregnate the local stock of street hostesses in his cosy interstellar cosmo-spaceship.
The girls' protecting gang didn't approve.
The customers didn't approve.
The street hostess union didn't approve.
Actually, it was fairly well agreed that the big hairy thingie wasn't very welcome - however, opinions differed when it came to determine who would rescue the damsels in distress and get their favours.
Venu des confins de l'espace, l'Alpha Zorgl se posa au milieu de Golgoville, avec l'intention non dissimulée de féconder le vivier local d'hôtesses de rue dans le confort cossu de son vaisseau spatial interstellaire.
Le gang protecteur des filles n'était pas trop d'accord.
Les clients non plus.
Accessoirement, le syndicat des hôtesses de rue non plus.
En fait, il y avait une sorte d'unanimité dans le désaccord; en revanche, les sentiments étaient plus partagés quant à qui secourirait les demoiselles en détresse et obtiendrait leurs faveurs.

That semi-improvised scenario worked very well, and all participants seemed to enjoy it.
Ce scénario semi-improvisé marcha plutôt bien, et tous les participants ont eu l'air de s'amuser.

The atmosphere at the show was very relaxed and friendly, and I was happy to meet some internet friends and some cool traders & artists I hadn't met in the flesh yet. Among other things, I bought a few minis from Doug at EM4 and had a pleasant chat with Josef Ochman.
L'atmosphère de la convention était très détendue et sympathique, et j'ai eu le paisir d'y rencontrer des copains du net, ainsi que diverses boutiques et artistes que je n'avais encore jamais rencontrés en personne. Entre autres choses, j'ai acheté quelques figues chez EM4 et pu causer un peu avec Josef Ochman.

More pics and a superiorly detailed account of the convention will follow on Gerg's Gloarmy blog.
Plus d'images et un compte-rendu hyperdétaillé arrivent sur le blog de Gerg.

Many thanks again to my 3 gaming mates and to those who dropped by to play a game, say hi, or ask who manufactures the naked chicks.
Merci encore à mes 3 camarades de jeu et à ceux qui sont passés jouer, dire bonjour, ou demander qui fabrique les femmes à poil.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Boum! Boum-boum!

On m'a appris ça quand j'étais petit.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Agarix are back !

Après leur récente déconvenue lors du Golgo Banana Shodown 2 où ils avaient été humiliés par bon nombre de leurs adversaires (on se souvient du funeste slogan nazi "les Champignons, c'est pour les omelettes), les Hommes-Champignons de l'espace ont décidé de revenir plus méchants que jamais à bord d'une toute nouvelle soucoupe volante ! :)
Les habitants de Golgo Island n'ont qu'à bien se tenir !

After their humiliating defeat during the Golgo Banana Shodown 2, the all-mighty Mushroom-Men from outer space have decided to come back in their brand new space shuttle !
Golgo Island citizens, beware !

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pics of some of the upcoming stuff...

Today, I took some pics for the website's gallery...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Scorpion

The first in a group of 4 - the Scorpion, the Centipede, the Toad and the Snake.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Campaign game: Kid Robert's previously owned cars

Last night, Jakar Nilson was back with a vengence.

He and his men (Boris, Mouloud, Burt & doom racer) decided to raid one of the jewels of the now collapsing empire of the Duke of Golgoville: Kid Robert's Previously Owned Cars. That business, run by Golgo Island's most famous mechanic, is a valuable source of vehicles and mechanical parts of all kind, but is extremely well defended - and that includes Kid Robert's own arse kicking talents.
Haxor Stratocaster, who has firmly set foot in the area, thought raiding the place would be a nice opportunity to get rid of his rival while stealing a few vehicles for his horde. He is going with Karatustra, White Tiger, Rolf and El Bastardo.

Objective: enter Kid Robert's shack to pick up some keys/tools to open the car doors, then go to the cars and steal them. 8 cars are potentially usable. Every time a player gets to a car door with a key/tool to open it, draw a card from a deck comprising: - 5 red cards (it works!) - 3 black cards (it doesn't work - try another car) - 1 Ace of Spades (uho! what's that noise in the distance? - the robot police arrive, draw another card) A figure stealing a car does so during the follow up step, is removed from play and scores 1 victory point. The gang scoring more victory points wins. A major victory is scored if all cars are stolen by the same gang - it includes knocking out all opposition (including Kid Robert & the police) without them stealing any car. Twist: Creature magnet. Thugs activated on a 5, Kid Robert on a 7, the robot police on a 7.


Karatustra the arse-kicking magician uses his teleportation spell to deploy into the shack and get Kid Robert's keys.
As he runs to seize a shiny New Barbarian car, Jakar Nilson shoots him down!
Despite his very scary roars, Haxor Stratocaster gets beaten up by two of the thugs defending the area. Talk about a first turn!

People get in and out of Kid Robert's shack; Mouloud Nagasaki gets intercepted by the owner, who knocks him out, before being shot down in turn by Burt Morris.

El Bastardo gets some keys and tries them on a pick up - bad luck, the engine doesn't start!
"Il peut pas piquer le pick-up! il aurait bien voulu, pourtant, le piquer, le pick up. Mais non, il ne pique pas le pick up".
As he sees Doom Racer's black helmet through the window, he throws one of his machetes at him and nails him to the wall behind him.
A few seconds later, Jakar pops at the window and discharges his double-barrelled shotgun in his face.
Things aren't going too well for Haxor's gang!

Rolf decides to run for his life; he gets to an armoured car - and just as the engine starts, he gets knocked out by two thugs catching him by surprise! The gang is completely wiped out when White Tiger is defeated by Boris Ulriksson, who were fighting over who would drive that old BMW.

But things aren't over yet!
Jakar could decide to sneak into the open vehicles and drive away - he, Burt and Boris could steal three of them... But true to his ambitious self, he decides to seize the place for good!
But for that, he'd need to get rid of the Duke of Golgoville's incoming mobile police droid!

He and Burt Morris open fire on the towering robot sheriff - in vain.
After dodging the droid's bullets and his clumsy charge, Jakar breaks from the mêlée and leaps backward.
He kisses the two shells he puts into the barrels of his shotgun, and aims for the head...


The robot falls to his knees.
(note: Jakar managed to beat the robot's 3k3 DEF and gun him down thanks to his single hero point)

Jakar and his gang are now the new owners of Kid Robert's Previously Owned Cars and can have fun in their New Barbarian Ride, yeeehaaa!


I just had to show my shiny new New Barbarian car, a resin model by old crow.
I painted it a dusty silver, as the sort of customised golf carts you can see in the film.

For those who don't know it:

I need a scale model of that Datsun !

Monday, September 14, 2009

GOG @ SFJ - Round 1

Version française ici
We started, on Sept the 4th, we started (@Sartrouville gaming club) our own stream in Gang of GolgoVille campaign with first scenario (dog flu) for the first round of the campaign with two games : first with 6 (!!!) players and second with 4 players.

Sylvain : Brutella & Ray
Séb : Renato Ramirez (KIA) & Maniac Nerd
Tof" : Marcel Lebeau (KIA by Malcolm) & Malcolm chainsaw demon
Jim : Pervo (KIA) & Lil' Brother (KIA)
Thomas : Diaper Avenger (KIA) & Mary Jane (KIA)
Eliott : Thor Passadenas (KIA) & Mustafa Ramirez (KIA)

Result : Eliott, Thomas, Jim are out before the end. Eliott was about to win but just a few steps from the table edge, Maniac Nerd (angry because his friend Renato was killed by Mustafa) "cut" his retreat and put a "bloody" end to Eliott's hopes.
Thanks to the Nerd I win the game (4 dogs retrieved) and, because of my very quiet game's start, gain the "poodle friend" bonus, yeah!
Sylvain is the only player who didn't loose any minis, I'll have to think to a specific bonus for this...
Tof' is second with 2 dogs.

I'll talk of the second game later...

The campaign @ SFJ is planned to lats 4 rounds before we gather with other clubs running the campaign.

More fun to come!

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dog flu hit the streets! La grippe canine débarque!

Hum, oui, la grippe canine, grrrrr, fait beaucoup plus de ravages que la grippe porcine mais, rrrrr, on en entend beaucoup moins parler. Sauf GCN (Golgo Channel News) ici!

Errr, dog flu is much more dangerous than pig flu but no one cares, apart from Golgo Channel News who offers you latest breaking news, there!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night was the first series of games in the campaign we're starting.
It consisted in 3 games inspired by the scenario of TC 2000. I've been told some characters in the Golgoville range (White Tiger, Mouloud Nagasaki, Boris Ulriksson and Kronos 2000X) would work very nicely as stars of that movie, so we had to try it.

Two evil gangs of thugs have recently found a way to enter an anti-atomic underground complex: by bashing their defenders' heads against the door.
Alerted by the security supercomputer, the guards of the underground base all rush outside to repell the filthy punks - the base is full of a now nearly extinct technology that could save mankind on Golgo Island from the evils of radio-toxic-chemical pollution, and it is not meant to the benefit of filthy punks with silly tattoos on their butts. Among the guards, Kronos 2000X - the first in an all new generation of security cyborgs: the Turbo Enforcers 4000. The Turbo Enforcers 4000 were designed for extreme combat, hence the nunchuks as Kronos' favourite weapon.
Objective: each gang (2 heroes + 10 thugs) must reach the entry and rush as many figures (not units) as possible into the complex.
Twist: Creature magnet. Kronos is activated on a 7, the guards on a 5.

Mouloud rushes in the open shouting "Kaya! Kaya!" and gets stupidly shot down by the guards.

Jakar Nilson and his thugs proceed more cautiously, while on the oposite side of the street, Haxor Stratocaster's gang stays in cover.

Both gangs decide to go for it at the same time.

Jakar Nilson's thugs kick some serious butt among the guards, but they get charged in turn by Haxor's men.

A huge mess of a melee begins, in which the guards all disappear, except Kronos, who takes on Jakar Nilson - and knocks him out.

Meanwhile, Haxor Stratocaster and his gang rush into the building!

Haxor thought he would take control of the base easily, especially as the mighty White Tiger had now joined his cause - but he didn't know there was a traitor among the guards! Sergent Boris Ulriksson had a deal with Jakar Nilson, and he managed to let him and Mouloud Nagasaki in. A confrontation was inevitable, and it happened as both gangs followed the complaints of a woman to a large room. She had been tied and whipped, and the whiplashes had torn all her clothes off. For the time being, only Boris knew why, but there were more important matters: a rival gang to get rid of.
Objective: wipe out the other gang and take the girl.
Twist: initiative.

Mouloud rushed to the enemy again, and knocked out Rolf Jaxxon; while Boris was taking on White Tiger, Haxor seized the opportuinty to capture the girl - but Jakar shot him in the back with his shotgun.

Boris then told Jakar that the girl was the head scientist's daughter, and the only one who had the secret code to a long abandonned anti-missile silo not far from there. Jakar immediately saw what a great opportunity for his gang it was: thanks to the protection of that silo, he could avoid the destruction of his turf by the next wave of missiles from mount Hibachi (for those who forgot, the Banana Tyrant's weapons of mass destruction located on top of mount Hibachi were seized by Zombi Wrestlers at the GBS2, which is hardly reassuring).
Haxxor Stratocaster rubbed his shotgun wounds and chased Jakar's gang to the silo's entry.

Objective: Keep the girl in contact with the door for as long as possible so she can type the secret code.
Twist: buggy. The highest twist rollers (by cumulating all the gang's twists) get a buggy that takes them right in front of the silo.

Jakar full-throttled to the entrance; in the distance, he saw Rolf throwing his dagger at the buggy's fuel tank. Luckily for him, the buggy didn't explode, and its passengers were able to get down and start the door-opening sequence.

As Haxor's men reached the gate, the final fight was about to begin. Roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, bestial roars, tiger claws and talons of the eagle follow.

Haxor emerges victorious, and watches the girl type "Hello" on the keyboard.
The door opens.

And in the distance, something nasty happens to Jakar's turf.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bon miam et boss de Saint Nic'

Je suis allé faire des courses chez Auchan aujourd'hui. D'ordinaire, je n'y vais jamais, mais là - là j'avais l'Intuition.
Et je n'ai pas été déçu: ils avaient ressorti un tout nouveau rayon de films à 1.99€.
Et pour cette somme là, on a des têtes d'affiches légendaires: Billy Blanks, Mathias Hues, Bolo Yeung, Roddy Piper.
J'en ai pris 4 - ces trucs-là, ça donne toujours matière à réfléchir.
I went shopping today, in a supermarket I rarely go to. But this time, I had a Feeling about it. And I wasn't disappointed: they had a brand new stand of €1.99 movies. And for that €1.99, you get superstars like Billy Blanks, Mathias Hues, Bolo Yeung, Roddy Piper. I grabbed 4 - there's always food for thought in those films.

Ils avaient aussi le grandiose TC2000 (que j'avais déjà en DVD) - si vous tombez dessus un jour, ruez-vous dessus! Après ça, impossible de manquer d'inspiration pour jouer Boris Ulriksson, Mouloud Nagasaki, Kronos 2000X ou White Tiger.
They also had TC2000 (I already own it in DVD) - if you ever get the chance, do pick it up! After seeing it, you'll never lack inspiration to play Boris Ulriksson, Mouloud Nagasaki, Kronos 2000X or White Tiger.

Sinon, j'ai commencé à assembler mes boss de Saint Nic. J'en ai reçu un lot d'ebay récemment, il m'en reste deux à décaper et monter avant de pouvoir socler tout le lot.
Si quelqu'un me cèderait celui à autogun et hache et/ou celui à fuseur, il est mon ami et je l'aime.
Apart from that, I started the Bosses of Saint Nic. I got some more models on ebay recently, I only have two more to strip before basing the whole lot. If you're reading this and can spare the one with autogun & axe and/or the one with meltagun, you're my buddy and I love you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday was Kevin Adams' birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEV!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Demo @ Trollus Vulgaris

Hier soir, je me suis invité au club local (Trollus Vulgaris) pour y faire de la démo de Golgoville.
Last night, I invited myself to the local club for a Golgoville participative demo.

Golgoville by night...

Ordurex, Chance Devreaux et Boris Ulriksson débarquent sur la place de Golgoville et sauvent une p*** des griffes du vilain gang local.
Ordurex, Chance Devreaux & Boris Ulriksson reach the main square of Golgoville, and rescue a b*** in distress from the evil local gang.

De l'autre côté de la table, un joueur fétichiste des gros flingues (Stedley Davidson, Tarah Diamonds et Archie dans la même équipe) se fait, sans surprise, submerger de punks.
At the other end of the table, a player with a big gun fetish (with Stedley Davidson, Tarah Diamonds and Archie in the same team!) gets unsurprisingly swarmed by punks.

Comme d'habitude, je jouais Jakar Nilson (comme un con, comme il se doit). Forcément, ce sera lui qui crèvera en premier, les mains pleines de nibars.
I played Jakar Nilson - and played him like a bold ass, as usual. And as usual, he'll be the first one to die, his hands full of boobs.

Ordurex, profitant d'un grave retour d'acide, défonce le crâne de Mouloud Nagasaki, et lui pique sa grognasse.
Ordurex, who was high on drugs, kicked Mouloud Nagasaki's arse and got hold of his bint.

Au milieu de la table, le destin de ces dames reste indéterminé - ni Kronos ni Boris ne parviennent à prendre le dessus.
Au final, Ordurex et le Vengeur Golmon (qui a évité la couverture médiatique) se disputent la victoire, avec deux prostituées chacun.
In the middle of the table, the ladies' fate remains undecided as neither Kronos 2000X or Boris Ulriksson can claim them.
Ordurex and the Diaper Avenger (who avoided the media) are tied for the win, with 2 prostitutes rescued.

Merci à Trollus Vulgaris pour le bon accueil et aux téméraires joueurs qui se seront essayé au jeu!
Thanks to Trollus Vulgaris for their warm welcome and to the bold players who tried the game!