Monday, March 30, 2009

I got balls of steel!

Mise à jour sur les greens en cours.

Celui qui a le mieux avancé depuis la semaine dernière est le chasseur d'aliens qui puent qui sera sans doute baptisé Johnny Barracuda (ça rappellera un pseudo à quelques uns - pas à la personne dont c'était le pseudo puisqu'il ne lit pas ceci; le nom en tout cas colle bien et évite de faire croire aux foules que la figurine représente un personnage connu, fermez la parenthèse).
Le cowboy Burt Morris et Mouloud Nagasaki viennent pas trop mal, en revanche les bras de la grognasse à gros flingue sont à refaire - c'est que le gros flingue est gros, justement, vachement gros.
Update on the greens shown last week. Alien tracker Johnny Barracuda is coming along nicely. Future Cowboy Burt Morris and Mouloud Nagasaki aren't progressing too bad either. But I'll have to redo the muscle chick's arms entirely, because of the big freaking gun - because it's freaking big, mind you!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Inspiring clips...

Des clips cons avec des personnages cons parfaitement dans le thème... Vachement bien, merci à Eul pour les liens.
Two nicely silly videos featuring characters that would fit right in the Golgoville theme - cheers to Eul for sending me the links.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On the Workbench...

Quelques images (pas terribles) des travaux en cours.
A few (bad) pics of the sculpts I'm working on.

Haxor Stratocaster, un vilain chef de gang, quasi fini.
Haxor Stratocaster, evil gang leader - nearly finished.

De gauche à droite: un cowboy du futur sans nom, un chasseur d'alien, Mouloud Nagasaki, et ce qui sera une bodybuildeuse à plasmagun. A part le second qui est fait sur armature Hasslefree, tous ont pour base les squelettes Ebob.
From left to right: unnamed cowboy guy, Alien Tracker, Mouloud Nagasaki, and what's going to be a female bodybuilder w/plasmagun. Armatures are Ebob skeletons, except the second which is built around a Hasslefree blank.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sculpting Competition Results!

Here are the results at last...
So much time and effort have obviously been put into all those cool entries that it's sometimes very hard to make a decision... But hey, when you have 8 entries to a competition, even if it's a friendly, relaxed one, there needs to be a #1 and a #8 - and #2 to 7 in between!
It's great to see what nice sculpts the competition inspired, and we are very grateful and appreciative of everyone's interest, efforts and support in taking part in that one.
So many thanks again, and congratulations to all entrants!
A big thank you too to those who started, and sometimes were really close to completing their entry, but couldn't submit them in time.

We're still trying to figure out how many of the entries we are going to produce, but we want to produce, well, as many of them as we can !

Anyway, enough talk for now, time to announce the winner.


Bulldozer by RandomMao
A well deserved victory for an impressive sculpt. Crom knows I'm not too keen on the whole "girl in gasmask" trend, but that was love at first sight - enough of the "fragile but deadly" rubbish, that one's a tough looney with a good ole sledgehammer. As for the sculpting itself, it obviously makes me jealous: the flesh areas and the clothes' tightness in particular are extremely well done.
I hope we'll be seeing more from Vesa Mäkelä, the talented sculptor behind that cool character.

Closely followed by...

Killer Clown by Borrible
To think I nearly missed that one! Everyone likes scary ludicrous fat clowns with huge knives. And a baby! A very smooth putty finish, and a great job on the cartooney fat/muscle work.
Just excellent! It's Thorsten Edler's first miniature to be produced; it's definitely not going to be the last one.

Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev by Eul
A fat armless looney in swimsuit with rollerskates.
A winning concept!
That's definitely the kind of stuff we wanted to see, and it's going to be a very fun figure to game with.
Also it's one of Sébastien Louis' first sculpts, which is rather promising.

Dr Zoidstein by WeeSparky
The Golgo group's voting was determining in choosing #4, which goes to the tentacled-faced alien doctor. Cheers for doing that cool trio, Don!

Jean-Claude Le Quiff by Crazy Cavey
An agressive dwarf with a quiff and a "Le" name, how cool is that!? A nice characterful sculpt by Gerald Ewans who's making more and more commission work, I've been told ;-)

Lola by WeeSparky
Another sculpt by Don Goddard of Fictional Miniatures (you know, the sock puppets of war?). Nice pose and character, that lady would make a good mutant psycher.

Zombie Soldier by Xennosmini
Everyone likes groaning mutant soldiers, and that's a nice one. Oscar Pinto, the sculptor, has just reopened his website where you can see more of his work - check it out!

Flip by WeeSparky
The third crew member made by WeeSparky for the competition. Watch out, he's going to slap you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gangs of Golgoville Sculpting Competition

Voici, par ordre de réception, les participations que nous avons reçues pour la compétition de sculpture Gangs of Golgoville. Nous attendons vos commentaires (ici, sur le Golgo Group, Frothers, The Miniatures Page, Warmania ou The Rev's Crap Forum) pour nous aider à achever de les départager.
Un grand MERCI ET BONNE CHANCE à tous les participants !

Here are, in order of submission, the entries we got for the Gangs of Golgoville sculpting competition. We're counting on your comments (here, on the Golgo Group, Frothers, The Miniatures Page, Warmania or The Rev's Crap Forum) to help us with the final rankings.
OOD LUCK to all entrants !

Jean-Claude Le Quiff by Crazy Cavey
"My vertically challenged, French man with the biggest guns on golgo Island, Nobody mention his height!
I was imagining a mean Charles Bronson, but shorter! And with Attitude!
Then the French background seemed to be a natural follow on

Zombie Soldier by Xennosmini
I wanted to make a zombie-like fig, and the result was the zombie soldier.

Lola, Flip & Dr Zoidstein by WeeSparky (of Fictional Miniatures)
I made a small intergalactic trading crew for my entry. I used two dollies from Bronze Age and one from Reaper.
The crew constists of Lola the Cyclopian pilot, Flip the co-pilot/baggage handler, and Dr. Zoidstein the medical officer.

Bulldozer by RandomMao
They call her "Bulldozer" but for me she is a lovely girl named Emma. She is armed with a sledgehammer but the gasmask is her most precious item, it's not that it would grant her much protection as the eye windows are broken and the filter can have been clogged up since the last world war, it just makes her feel beautiful. I can kindly give you a nice little advice; Whatever you do, Do NOT touch her mask.
She is a big lady; exactly 30mm to the top of her head knees bended. Sculpted with Magic Sculpt. The gas mask filter is a separate piece and the wire is there just to make it easier to handle.

Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev by Eul
Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev ancien champion d'Allemagne de l'est de Roller Quad arrive enfin sur Golgo Island!

Killer Clown by Borrible
My entry to the contest.
Huge evil butterball of a clown.
You probably don't want to know what he is doing with the baby.
He is big, about 35mm from eye to toes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's this blog about?

Le but de ce blog commun est d'offir une tribune pour mes camarades de Golgoteries et moi-même (disons, "La Golgo Team", "le Studio Golgo Island", ou "La Direction Artistique de Golgo Island", ou "Les mecs de Golgo Island" - ou ne disons rien, après tout) pour partager tout ce qui aura trait au développement du projet Gangs of Golgoville: nouvelles, avancées en matière de peinture/sculpture/modélisme, points de règles, rapports de partie, bla-bla divers... Et très probablement, des rapports de la campagne que nous commencerons cet été.
Comme le gros des règles du supplément est à présent prêt, nous pouvons nous lancer dans les aspects plus matériels concernant Gangs Of Golgoville, qui seront au coeur des projets Golgo cette année, que ce soit du point de vue des sorties de figurines ou du jeu.
Tony d'East Riding Miniatures a déjà un petit paquet de sculptures en main, d'autres sont en cours, d'autres encore font l'objet de commissions auprès des meilleurs sculpteurs au monde (non, ce n'est pas juste une formule) pour la gamme Legends; enfin, des sculpteurs de talent ont d'ores et déjà envoyé leurs participation au concours de sculpture qui s'achève demain.

On espère donc que ce blog vous fournira une lecture divertissante et vous donnera quelques idées pour vos propres parties!

On this blog, my buddies and I (call us "The Golgo Team", "The Golgo Island Studio", or "The Golgo Island Artistic Design Group", or "The Golgo guys" - or whatever) will be posting anything related to the development of the Gangs of Golgoville project: news, sculpting/painting/general modelling WIPs, rules additions, game reports, random thoughts... And quite possibly reports of the campaign we want to start this summer.
As most of the rules for the supplement are now ready, we can now go ahead with the more "material" aspect of things of Gangs of Golgoville which will be the main focus of Golgo Island gaming and releases this year. Tony at East Riding Miniatures has already received a nice little pile of greens, others are underway, others have been commissioned from the very best designers in "the industry" (and that is not just commercial blurb) for the Legends range, and some very talented sculptors have already posted some entries to the sculpting competition that ends tomorrow.

We therefore hope this blog will prove an entertaining read and you'll find ideas there for your games!


Bienvenue sur le blog de Gangs of Golgoville, le supplément post-apocalyptique pour Golgo Island.

Golgo Island est un jeu d’escarmouches dynamique utilisant le WarEngine, l’excellent moteur de jeu créé par Aaron Overton. Lancé fin 2007, Golgo Island est le jeu qu’il faut à l’amateur de nanars et d’action rocambolesque. Que ce soit le Pulp pur et dur, la science-fiction en noir et blanc, les explorations au pays des dinosaures, la chasse au zombie qui pue, l’espionnage en smoking ou un cocktail capiteux de tout cela, Golgo Island vous l’offre sur un plateau, et pour pas un rond, ce qui n’est pas cher.

Gangs of Golgoville, qui sortira cet été, rajoutera encore une louche de subtilité à vos parties. De nouveaux personnages au charisme improbable, de nouveaux scénarios, des règles pour jouer des monstres gigantesques aussi terrifiants que le redoutable Hamster Géant Zombie, des véhicules qui font vroum et tacatac, et diverses vacheries vous permettant de retranscrire dans vos parties l’ambiance si particulière de vos séries-Z favorites la main à la canette.

Entièrement compatible avec toutes les précédentes règles pour Golgo Island (et toujours aussi gratuites), Gangs of Golgoville vous offrira un séjour radieux-actif dans l’enceinte d’une ville dont l’architecture audacieuse et la politique sociale avant-gardiste ont été brutalement ruinées par un cataclysme effroyable. En proie à l’anarchie, au chaos, aux épidémies, aux radiations et à la vie chère, gangs de sales punks, héros, méchants et figurants en costumes idiots s’affrontent pour survivre et vaincre, défiant la fatalité d’un poing rageur et porteur d’un renouveau plus ou moins prometteur pour le futur. Un futur de carton pâte, de fourrure, d’étincelles et de gadgets chromés ; un futur où l’on sent la sueur, le sable, le cuir racorni et l’huile de coco ; un futur où mitrailleuses à plasma et rayons à neutrons sont la réponse à l'hégémonie du ninjitsu et du kickboxing ; un futur où science et culture, comme Dieu au crépuscule du 6e jour, préférèrent s’arrêter à l’apogée des années 80s.

Préparez-vous à mettre 5 balles dans le monnayeur et à appuyer sur Start, la gloire vous attend!

Welcome to the Gangs of Golgoville blog, the blog dedicated to the post-apocalyptic supplement to Golgo Island.

Golgo Island is a fast paced skirmish game using the WarEngine, the excellent universal game system by Aaron Overton. Launched late 2007, Golgo Island is the game you want for over-the-top B-Movie action in your favourite settings: Pulp, retro sci-fi, lost world exploration, zombie hunting, espionage - or a tasty mix of the above!

Gangs of Golgoville, due out this summer, will allow you to toss even more refined madness into you games… New colourful characters and henchmen, new scenarios, rules for scary giant creatures such as the dreaded Giant Zombie Hamster, noisy vehicles, and various dirty tricks to help you recreate the atmosphere of your favourite low-budget action stinkers with a can in your hand.

Entirely compatible with all existing Golgo Island material -and just as free-, Gangs of Golgoville will take you to a city that used to be a model of audacious architecture and inventive social policy before it was struck by an unprecedented disaster. Surrounded by anarchy, mayhem, plague, and radiation, dirty street gangs, white-teethed heroes and ugly villains clash for survival and domination, challenging fate with a raging fist for an arguably better future. A future made of cardboard, fur, sparks and shiny gadgets ; a future where people smell of sweat, sand, worn out leather and coco oil; a future where plasma weapons and neutron guns endanger the supremacy of ninjitsu and kickboxing ; a future where science and culture seemed to stop at the apex of the 1980s, like God at the twilight of the 6th day.

Get ready to insert coin and press the Start button – glory’s awaiting!