Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sculpting Competition Results!

Here are the results at last...
So much time and effort have obviously been put into all those cool entries that it's sometimes very hard to make a decision... But hey, when you have 8 entries to a competition, even if it's a friendly, relaxed one, there needs to be a #1 and a #8 - and #2 to 7 in between!
It's great to see what nice sculpts the competition inspired, and we are very grateful and appreciative of everyone's interest, efforts and support in taking part in that one.
So many thanks again, and congratulations to all entrants!
A big thank you too to those who started, and sometimes were really close to completing their entry, but couldn't submit them in time.

We're still trying to figure out how many of the entries we are going to produce, but we want to produce, well, as many of them as we can !

Anyway, enough talk for now, time to announce the winner.


Bulldozer by RandomMao
A well deserved victory for an impressive sculpt. Crom knows I'm not too keen on the whole "girl in gasmask" trend, but that was love at first sight - enough of the "fragile but deadly" rubbish, that one's a tough looney with a good ole sledgehammer. As for the sculpting itself, it obviously makes me jealous: the flesh areas and the clothes' tightness in particular are extremely well done.
I hope we'll be seeing more from Vesa Mäkelä, the talented sculptor behind that cool character.

Closely followed by...

Killer Clown by Borrible
To think I nearly missed that one! Everyone likes scary ludicrous fat clowns with huge knives. And a baby! A very smooth putty finish, and a great job on the cartooney fat/muscle work.
Just excellent! It's Thorsten Edler's first miniature to be produced; it's definitely not going to be the last one.

Egor Ivanovich Zolotarev by Eul
A fat armless looney in swimsuit with rollerskates.
A winning concept!
That's definitely the kind of stuff we wanted to see, and it's going to be a very fun figure to game with.
Also it's one of Sébastien Louis' first sculpts, which is rather promising.

Dr Zoidstein by WeeSparky
The Golgo group's voting was determining in choosing #4, which goes to the tentacled-faced alien doctor. Cheers for doing that cool trio, Don!

Jean-Claude Le Quiff by Crazy Cavey
An agressive dwarf with a quiff and a "Le" name, how cool is that!? A nice characterful sculpt by Gerald Ewans who's making more and more commission work, I've been told ;-)

Lola by WeeSparky
Another sculpt by Don Goddard of Fictional Miniatures (you know, the sock puppets of war?). Nice pose and character, that lady would make a good mutant psycher.

Zombie Soldier by Xennosmini
Everyone likes groaning mutant soldiers, and that's a nice one. Oscar Pinto, the sculptor, has just reopened his website where you can see more of his work - check it out!

Flip by WeeSparky
The third crew member made by WeeSparky for the competition. Watch out, he's going to slap you!

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  1. Impressive submissions from every entrant, that's a pleasure to put eyes on!
    Congrats guys!
    I'm eager to put hand & brush at these rocking minis ;-)