Friday, April 30, 2010

Action Dude WIP

Here's a WIP shot of what's currently sitting on my ""workbench"".
Somebody convinced me it would be a good idea to make not just 1, nor 2, but a complete 4 pack of the same character. Who we'll codename action dude.
So here's the WIP; from left to right:
- Action Dude USA: will get two machine pistols once I get some of the smaller MAC10s from Hasslefree.
- Action Dude in action: will be wearing a combat fatigues and firing an M16.
- Karate Action Dude: bare chested, in karate pants, ready to fight White Tiger in the Golgo coliseum.
- Texas Action Dude: stetson and long coat showing his right leg ready to kick.
While I'm at it, I got some stuff painted too.
Marie-Luis - (c) Psilete
President N'Golo


Col. Zanzibar

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