Friday, May 14, 2010

The Chosen One From Outer Time

In Golgoville, the rumour was quickly spread that a superhuman girl, immediately identified as the chosen one from The Prophecy, had time-travelled to the city to save it from its evils.
Emerging right in the middle of Haxor Stratocaster's turf, she faced the waves of hapless thugs by the plasmagun and the roundhouse kick. Attracted by the fight, 4 groups are now closing in - with different intentions...
For the evil Haxor Stratocaster and his lieutenants, capturing her is not only fait, but it may be an opportunity to reassess the gang's might in Golgoville.
Maniac Nerd immediately saw the beautiful woman as The Woman - the one he was promised. He would rescue her, and she would be grateful, and he would be her hero, and she would love him, and...
The Van Li brothers - those guys are always on the look out to help good people, and kick the crap out of bad ones. They're a cool bunch really.
As for Colonel Zanzibar, it is a unique opportunity for him and his shock troops of the New Golgoville Order to challenge that Haxor punk on his territory, and possibly seize a new asset for his propaganda, if not for his army - which he intends to take over the world within 6 months, by the way.

Scenario objective: get the girl.
Twist: the good guys (the Van Lis and the Nerd's buddies) get the Street Cred twist to claim additional weapons. The bad guys use the Creature Magnet to activate street punks. From turn 2 onwards, all can activate Tarah's plasmagun (AV 3k2, 24") on a 7. The lady just has to defend herself against those unknown badasses until their intentions are clear.

Turn 1
Gunshot is heard on both sides of the area - but matters will be resolved in good old close combat, as Maniac Nerd slices through Zanzibar's shock troops and the Van Lis get rid of some by street punks bothering Kurt Crowe.
Turn 2
Zanzibar's evil henchmen started by shooting down Egor - a Marie Luis vengeful rampage ensued!
The napoleonic neandertal seized a gun a fan threw him from a window, and shot down a boilersuit, then gave another one a good beating with his club, before knocking out Colonel Zanzibar and stomping on his senseless body!
Opposite the street, Kurt avoided fire from Tarah Diamonds' plasmagun before gunning down Mikhail. Then Bobby Van Li bravely charged Haxor Stratocaster. A few high kicks later, the punk leader bit the dust; unfortunately, his nunchuk-wielding cyborg bodyguard treacherously attacked Bobby Van Li from behind, knocking him down. Meanwhile, the Nerd and Johnny Van Li rushed towards Tarah Diamonds.
Turn 3&4
As his machine pistol proved inefficient against the cyborg's titanium endoskeleton, Kurt decided to engage Kronos 2000X in close combat, which obviously proved much more effective. Meanwhile, the fights around Tarah Diamonds came to a happy conclusion as Bobby Van Li fought off both the Nerd and Marie Luis in an amazing kickboxing fest.
Tarah was in good hands - and with her, it was the hope of an entire civilisation that was safe.

All figures are ERM/Golgo Island, except Kurt Crow (Hasslefree Miniatures); wrecked cars and various terrain bits are by Old Crow/Ainsty. Comics made with Comic Life.


  1. I love this, it is brilliant and creative! The comic layout is perfect for this type of gaming. I may have to give this a try for some of our games.

  2. Excellent comic story, really adds to the gaming experience. What was the game system you used or was it for comic life?

  3. Thanks guys.
    @inrepose: system used is my own Golgo Island rules (see the links in the top right hand corner). Comic Life is a nice little software some friends of mine have used for their own Golgo game reports before and recommended:
    It didn't work on my previous OS - it was time I gave it a try.:)