Sunday, July 18, 2010

Golgo Banana Showdown 3 - In English

We are happy to announce our annual special Golgo Island gaming event: the Golgo Banana Showdown!

This year again, it will be held at the MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture) in Sartrouville on August 28 & 29.

Once again the greatest scenario writers in Pontarlier wrote an exciting plot for you to change the fate of Golgo Island:

It is the great conjunction of planets, and as every millenium the comet of the banana is crossing the constellation of the Great Golgo. Carved ages ago in pre-human caves now kept by crazed towelled cultists, a legend has it that witch king Amidmephes’ interstellar pyramid will once again rise out of the fiery bosom of the earth and rule the world. Mortal and immortal servants are already busy collecting the ingredients of the rejuvenation potion that will make him recover the supernatural vigour that will enable him to carry out his projects of ultimate, definitive and perpetual domination. Those ingredients are many, and of the unique and unexpected kind, ranging from crazy amounts of gold to the shrunk head of a great mortal leader, amongst other strange treasures and selected bodily fluids. Already, darkness is falling, weird thunderbolts are tearing the skies, and a wicked organ theme is playing. They’re announcing a cosmo-cataclysmic clash, a necromantic apocalypse, an Armageddon of Mexican wrestlers, a ragnarok of martial arts – they’re announcing the Golgo Banana Showdown 3!

What is the Golgo Banana Showdown?
It is the cyclical confrontation of good and evil on Golgo Island, respectively represented by the benevolent Totemic Banana, and the dreaded Great Golgo. From those mighty clashes involving factions from all over, great changes arise on the island, and new names are cast in fiery letters in the Golgo Island hall of fame forever. In less poetical terms, it is a campaign organised as an uncompetitive tournament using the Golgo Island/WarEngine rules.

Where and when is it?
On August 28-29 in Sartrouville, France (78).

What do I need?
2 groups/gangs of 5 units (single characters or squads ranging from 60 to 80pts – figures can be from any manufacturer) for a gang budget of 350pts; a main and a secondary one Depending on the number of participants, it is however possible that 2 units of your main gang might be left out, and all games are played using the smaller budget of 3 units/210pts per gang.
If you can bring any, a dozen silly non-player creatures (like helpless thugs, civilians, but also zorgls, zombies, snakes, aliens, ...) would be a plus, but is not a requirement.
This is a tongue in the cheek competition so bring what you like, and don’t worry about the supposed competitiveness of your gang!
"Official" characters as well as custom characters are equally accepted - just contact me at before the competition to make sure your profiles are 100% legit.

How much do I have to pay to participate?
Entry is free, and wallet-friendly solutions will be offered to participants for housing, food and drinks. But you are of course welcome to spend the money thereby saved by buying the organisers a beer, or some lovely Golgo Island figures.

Yeah but I’ve never played that WarEngine thingie…
Nevermind – you will learn quickly. As long as you want to play fun games with adequately silly figs in a laid back atmosphere, consider you can and must come.

Hey, that sounds cool !
Doesn’t it ? That’s why you should join the mighty Golgo Island group for any enquiries, and to discuss your projects for the event. Registrations must be sent to asap (if possible before August 1st ) – even if you are still not 100% sure whether you can come or not, please get in touch to let us know.

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