Monday, June 8, 2009

Convention Day Game Pics

AKAPKP and I were there with more or less the same Golgoville demos we took at the Convention in Buchères.
AKAPKP et moi y emmenions plus ou moins les mêmes démos de Golgoville qu'à la convention de Bûchères.

Once again, the babe rescue scenario attracted the eyes of passers-by. I shall say it once again:
The naked babes are by Hasslefree Miniatures, the buggy by Old Crow.
A nouveau, le scénario de sauvetage de cochonnes en détresse attira l'oeil et les questions des passants. Je rappelle donc:
Les cochonnes sont de Hasslefree Miniatures, le buggy de Old Crow.

The convention was the first time the newer figures specifically dedicated to the Golgoville theme were in action, fighting infamous ninja pimps by Megaminis.
La convention fut la première occasion pour les nouvelles figurines de Golgoville de voir un peu d'action, sous forme d'un bottage de fesses en règles des sales ninjas proxénètes de Megaminis.

Mmh, where is the Banana Tyrant's antenna?
Mais où le Banana Tyrant a-t-il fourré son antenne?

In the end, Kirk finds himself in the "winner takes them all" situation. Well done, stunty!
Au final, c'est Kirk qui emballe les nénettes. Bien joué le gnôme!

Thanks to those who came to play and eat bananas! See you soon!
Merci à ceux qui sont venus jouer et manger des bananes! A bientôt j'espère!


  1. fantastic any rules for the babe rescue published

  2. Regarding the babe rescue scenario, it's very simple really.
    It's a mix between:

    Basically, 7 Babes were deployed fairly on the table as objectives (people seem to agree that they look better than simple markers :)) - 6
    making a hexagon around, and another one right in the middle of the table.
    The mission is to get to the babes, free/capture them by getting in contact with them (they will then follow your unit in all its
    movements), and have as many of them with you at the end of turn 5.

    Players were deployed in the corners of the 36"x36" table.

    That's it :)

  3. Thanks for the game, it was great !
    Démo très sympa. Au plaisir de se revoir.

    PS : les nanas étaient plus motivantes que le président chauve de Golgoville, mince je les ai loupées. :-o

    PPS : "Hail to the king baby !" as would say the banana rider above.

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