Sunday, September 20, 2009

Campaign game: Kid Robert's previously owned cars

Last night, Jakar Nilson was back with a vengence.

He and his men (Boris, Mouloud, Burt & doom racer) decided to raid one of the jewels of the now collapsing empire of the Duke of Golgoville: Kid Robert's Previously Owned Cars. That business, run by Golgo Island's most famous mechanic, is a valuable source of vehicles and mechanical parts of all kind, but is extremely well defended - and that includes Kid Robert's own arse kicking talents.
Haxor Stratocaster, who has firmly set foot in the area, thought raiding the place would be a nice opportunity to get rid of his rival while stealing a few vehicles for his horde. He is going with Karatustra, White Tiger, Rolf and El Bastardo.

Objective: enter Kid Robert's shack to pick up some keys/tools to open the car doors, then go to the cars and steal them. 8 cars are potentially usable. Every time a player gets to a car door with a key/tool to open it, draw a card from a deck comprising: - 5 red cards (it works!) - 3 black cards (it doesn't work - try another car) - 1 Ace of Spades (uho! what's that noise in the distance? - the robot police arrive, draw another card) A figure stealing a car does so during the follow up step, is removed from play and scores 1 victory point. The gang scoring more victory points wins. A major victory is scored if all cars are stolen by the same gang - it includes knocking out all opposition (including Kid Robert & the police) without them stealing any car. Twist: Creature magnet. Thugs activated on a 5, Kid Robert on a 7, the robot police on a 7.


Karatustra the arse-kicking magician uses his teleportation spell to deploy into the shack and get Kid Robert's keys.
As he runs to seize a shiny New Barbarian car, Jakar Nilson shoots him down!
Despite his very scary roars, Haxor Stratocaster gets beaten up by two of the thugs defending the area. Talk about a first turn!

People get in and out of Kid Robert's shack; Mouloud Nagasaki gets intercepted by the owner, who knocks him out, before being shot down in turn by Burt Morris.

El Bastardo gets some keys and tries them on a pick up - bad luck, the engine doesn't start!
"Il peut pas piquer le pick-up! il aurait bien voulu, pourtant, le piquer, le pick up. Mais non, il ne pique pas le pick up".
As he sees Doom Racer's black helmet through the window, he throws one of his machetes at him and nails him to the wall behind him.
A few seconds later, Jakar pops at the window and discharges his double-barrelled shotgun in his face.
Things aren't going too well for Haxor's gang!

Rolf decides to run for his life; he gets to an armoured car - and just as the engine starts, he gets knocked out by two thugs catching him by surprise! The gang is completely wiped out when White Tiger is defeated by Boris Ulriksson, who were fighting over who would drive that old BMW.

But things aren't over yet!
Jakar could decide to sneak into the open vehicles and drive away - he, Burt and Boris could steal three of them... But true to his ambitious self, he decides to seize the place for good!
But for that, he'd need to get rid of the Duke of Golgoville's incoming mobile police droid!

He and Burt Morris open fire on the towering robot sheriff - in vain.
After dodging the droid's bullets and his clumsy charge, Jakar breaks from the mêlée and leaps backward.
He kisses the two shells he puts into the barrels of his shotgun, and aims for the head...


The robot falls to his knees.
(note: Jakar managed to beat the robot's 3k3 DEF and gun him down thanks to his single hero point)

Jakar and his gang are now the new owners of Kid Robert's Previously Owned Cars and can have fun in their New Barbarian Ride, yeeehaaa!

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