Monday, September 14, 2009

GOG @ SFJ - Round 1

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We started, on Sept the 4th, we started (@Sartrouville gaming club) our own stream in Gang of GolgoVille campaign with first scenario (dog flu) for the first round of the campaign with two games : first with 6 (!!!) players and second with 4 players.

Sylvain : Brutella & Ray
Séb : Renato Ramirez (KIA) & Maniac Nerd
Tof" : Marcel Lebeau (KIA by Malcolm) & Malcolm chainsaw demon
Jim : Pervo (KIA) & Lil' Brother (KIA)
Thomas : Diaper Avenger (KIA) & Mary Jane (KIA)
Eliott : Thor Passadenas (KIA) & Mustafa Ramirez (KIA)

Result : Eliott, Thomas, Jim are out before the end. Eliott was about to win but just a few steps from the table edge, Maniac Nerd (angry because his friend Renato was killed by Mustafa) "cut" his retreat and put a "bloody" end to Eliott's hopes.
Thanks to the Nerd I win the game (4 dogs retrieved) and, because of my very quiet game's start, gain the "poodle friend" bonus, yeah!
Sylvain is the only player who didn't loose any minis, I'll have to think to a specific bonus for this...
Tof' is second with 2 dogs.

I'll talk of the second game later...

The campaign @ SFJ is planned to lats 4 rounds before we gather with other clubs running the campaign.

More fun to come!

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  1. Ace report, Seb!

    The comic book font really brings the "agnagneuh" to life!

  2. Great job! I love the comic feel of this!

  3. And the software is really user friendly, easy to use allowing to do a batrep much quicker than with text - pic - text - pic ...