Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kenji Mehmet and the Golden Axe

Last night, Haxor Stratocaster faced Jakar Nilson once again to fight for long lost golden weapons. A lone adventurer had already captured the golden guns - but there was better: the mighty Golden Axe. Neither of the two gangs knew whether he had recovered it yet, but if he hadn't, they had to be in one of those nearby caves. Honestly, it couldn't be otherwise.

The improvised scenario was the following:
* 3 possible locations for the scenario objective: Turkish Star Warrior Kenji Mehmet, or one of the two caves. 3 cards among which there was one joker. Two of the cards had another card upon it, corresponding to each of the caves' contents: nothing more, or a horde of sleeping zorgls unhappy to be woken up during their afternoon nap.
* find the golden axe, keep it till the end of turn 5.
* Twist: street cred (weapons can be found in one of the 5 piles of rocks), creature magnet and Kenji Mehmet.
* Kenji Mehmet can be twist-activated to fire upon zorgls (5 twist points); he won't attack either side unless they have previously attacked him. Deciding to take his weapons or to rescue him have no impact on the scenario, but will have on the campaign.

Turn 1
Mouloud Nagasaki activates and boldly rushes to the middle of the table, and once again gets torn to shreds by zorgls.

The red hairy beasts also take on Haxor Stratocaster, who kills two of them unharmed.
While the rest of Haxor's gang rushes towards the cave in front of them, Jakar and his men head to Kenji Mehmet.
Burt Morris moves in position to get a line of sight to the insidious Karatustra who infitrated in one of the two caves. As soon as he revealed the contents of the cave, he fired his assault rifle on him - in vain. The rotting Karatustra bastard revealed the two cards, which were...
No zorgl in the cave and...
The Golden Axe!

Turn 2
Karatustra ran away with the axe to meet his gang, chased by four zorgls that appeared by the table's edge. El Bastardo moved to protect him from Burt Morris' shots, while Haxor, White Tiger and Rolf moved to the middle of the table to intercept Jakar's gang.
Burt Morris managed to get a line of sight to Karatustra and shot him down; Jakar's attempt to shotgun White tiger wasn't so lucky.
Doom racer rushed towards the enemy and rescued Kenji Mehmet, explaining how cool his gang was and how great it would be if he joined them and lent them his golden guns, from time to time. Unfortunately, he showed a poor example, as he got knocked out by White Tiger immediately after.

Turn 3
After kicking 3 zorgls out of the game on the previous turns, Boris Ulrikson felt confident he could defeat White Tiger. And he did, but was knocked out by one of his reserved attacks.
Haxor Stratocaster challenged Jakar Nilson, but was also defeated by his opponent's reserved attack.
In a totally superheroic activation, Rolf Jaxxon, who hadn't done much till then, ended the game by kicking Jakar Nilson's butt, and then successfully throwing his dagger at Burt Morris' throat.
Jakar's gang was wiped out, and both Kenji Mehmet and the Golden Axe were secured and taken to Haxor's hideout.

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