Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Action Dude WIP 5

Lots more done on the 4th Dude. I missed quite a few sculpting sessions, there:
1/ added boots
2/ trousers + shirt
3/ 1st layer of the coat
4/ second layer + arm positioning
5/ hands and arms done

The coat isn't quite finished yet as I'll have some folds to add on the left side, and the collar when the head/face is done - but it looks like we're suddenly getting there ! :D

A little work has been made on the Karate Dude too: arms done, but the left one is likely to be reworked as his left biceps is too big...
Mmh - but can Action Dude's biceps really be too big?


  1. Thanks Rob :)

    Ulu, on me l'a un peu déjà faite, celle-là :D
    Faut la faire avec Red Skull, la prochaine fois.