Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night was the first series of games in the campaign we're starting.
It consisted in 3 games inspired by the scenario of TC 2000. I've been told some characters in the Golgoville range (White Tiger, Mouloud Nagasaki, Boris Ulriksson and Kronos 2000X) would work very nicely as stars of that movie, so we had to try it.

Two evil gangs of thugs have recently found a way to enter an anti-atomic underground complex: by bashing their defenders' heads against the door.
Alerted by the security supercomputer, the guards of the underground base all rush outside to repell the filthy punks - the base is full of a now nearly extinct technology that could save mankind on Golgo Island from the evils of radio-toxic-chemical pollution, and it is not meant to the benefit of filthy punks with silly tattoos on their butts. Among the guards, Kronos 2000X - the first in an all new generation of security cyborgs: the Turbo Enforcers 4000. The Turbo Enforcers 4000 were designed for extreme combat, hence the nunchuks as Kronos' favourite weapon.
Objective: each gang (2 heroes + 10 thugs) must reach the entry and rush as many figures (not units) as possible into the complex.
Twist: Creature magnet. Kronos is activated on a 7, the guards on a 5.

Mouloud rushes in the open shouting "Kaya! Kaya!" and gets stupidly shot down by the guards.

Jakar Nilson and his thugs proceed more cautiously, while on the oposite side of the street, Haxor Stratocaster's gang stays in cover.

Both gangs decide to go for it at the same time.

Jakar Nilson's thugs kick some serious butt among the guards, but they get charged in turn by Haxor's men.

A huge mess of a melee begins, in which the guards all disappear, except Kronos, who takes on Jakar Nilson - and knocks him out.

Meanwhile, Haxor Stratocaster and his gang rush into the building!

Haxor thought he would take control of the base easily, especially as the mighty White Tiger had now joined his cause - but he didn't know there was a traitor among the guards! Sergent Boris Ulriksson had a deal with Jakar Nilson, and he managed to let him and Mouloud Nagasaki in. A confrontation was inevitable, and it happened as both gangs followed the complaints of a woman to a large room. She had been tied and whipped, and the whiplashes had torn all her clothes off. For the time being, only Boris knew why, but there were more important matters: a rival gang to get rid of.
Objective: wipe out the other gang and take the girl.
Twist: initiative.

Mouloud rushed to the enemy again, and knocked out Rolf Jaxxon; while Boris was taking on White Tiger, Haxor seized the opportuinty to capture the girl - but Jakar shot him in the back with his shotgun.

Boris then told Jakar that the girl was the head scientist's daughter, and the only one who had the secret code to a long abandonned anti-missile silo not far from there. Jakar immediately saw what a great opportunity for his gang it was: thanks to the protection of that silo, he could avoid the destruction of his turf by the next wave of missiles from mount Hibachi (for those who forgot, the Banana Tyrant's weapons of mass destruction located on top of mount Hibachi were seized by Zombi Wrestlers at the GBS2, which is hardly reassuring).
Haxxor Stratocaster rubbed his shotgun wounds and chased Jakar's gang to the silo's entry.

Objective: Keep the girl in contact with the door for as long as possible so she can type the secret code.
Twist: buggy. The highest twist rollers (by cumulating all the gang's twists) get a buggy that takes them right in front of the silo.

Jakar full-throttled to the entrance; in the distance, he saw Rolf throwing his dagger at the buggy's fuel tank. Luckily for him, the buggy didn't explode, and its passengers were able to get down and start the door-opening sequence.

As Haxor's men reached the gate, the final fight was about to begin. Roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, bestial roars, tiger claws and talons of the eagle follow.

Haxor emerges victorious, and watches the girl type "Hello" on the keyboard.
The door opens.

And in the distance, something nasty happens to Jakar's turf.


  1. Ach, z'est bon :-)
    Plus qu'à lancer au club pour pas laisser les nordistes mener la danse!

  2. J'en ai tellement bavé d'envie que j'ai commandé TC2000 ce jour même :o)

  3. Haha! :-D
    J'attends de lire tes impressions. C'est un film riche dont il ne faut pas rater une miette.