Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't go wrong with kung-fu

No, honestly, there are some recipes you can't go wrong with and yet you only see too rarely in movies.
Today is the release of the second OSS117 movie. And what do you see, in that movie?
Nazi Luchadores. Yeah, with the silly mask, the arm band and all.
I mean, why don't we see nazi luchadores more often?

As I was wasting precious time typing funny keyword combos and following related links on youtube, I came upon this:

Hoho! A kung fu biker of doom. Make people of any kind practise kung fu, and they immediately become more interesting. Priests, nazis, commies, cowboys, naked chicks, vampires, apes, ballerinas, plumbers...

Think of the endless combinations: naked kung fu vampire sisters, kung-fu ape ballerinas...

Pas de traduc en français, pas le temps ; de toutes façons c'est des conneries et les mots importants sont transparents.

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